14 March 2013 @ 02:22 am
Rules & Info  

What is [community profile] the_deepbluesea?
It is a multi-fandom challenge community. There will be challenges as well as battles and the opportunity to have your own shop and to buy things at other shops.

LJ vs DW?
You can play on either livejournal or dreamwidth. Both sites will have the same opportunities and challenges and will be considered one community. This means if livejournal is down, you're more than welcome to submit to the dreamwidth equivalent.

What kinds of challenges will there be?
All sorts of games, graphics, writing, vid challenges as well as anything else that I can think of.

What are the participation requirements?
Four challenges every round.

How long do rounds last?
Two months.

Can I do every challenge?
Individually, yes. However, you can only earn 300 points toward your team each round. You can earn points through challenges, battles and through your shop if you choose to have one.

Can I suggest a challenge?
Absolutely! Please leave your challenge suggestions in the suggestions post.

How do I earn points to spend in the shops?
Every new member will receive 50 points to spend in the shops. This is not counted towards your total points for the round. After that, all points you earned in the previous round can used in the following rounds in the shops.

What are tag banners?
A tag banner is a banner you use when submitting your challenges to say what team you are on. They should be no larger than 300x150 in size.

I have a question you didn't answer.
Please ask any questions at the page-a-mod post.
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